Posted: December 10, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1917

13 May, 1917

I have just come back from a very pleasant walk. It has been a lovely day. Just a trifle too “springified” though. It is a muggy sort of warmth but pleasant for all that after the winter we have had. The Colonel and I strolled round for about an hour this evening. Once after leaving the camp, we entered one of the famous country lanes, and dropped right on to a miniature village. It was very pretty. I didn’t even know it existed it was so well hidden. The church was the main feature. It is an old gothic type building with the usual tower. It was rebuilt in 1834 so it must be some age. There is a very old cemetery there. One moss covered old stone read that a man was buried there in the year 1840 who died at the age of 144 years. Some life eh! The houses are all thatched roofs with tiny little windows.

I have been on a very heavy job lately. Our Mess has been run in a very slip shod method and the books are in a shocking condition. The Commandant has put me on to the job of straightening them out. I have been four days at it now. Devoting most of my waking moments to it and have only just succeeded in effecting a trial balance which looks very shaky.

Our valley is certainly a thing of beauty in summer time. Just across from here is a fine old Manor house surrounded by trees and parks. It belongs to the Bishop of Worcester I believe. All the trees have various coloured leaves, shades of green according to the age of the new foliage. In the middle of this are several copper beeches with their shining brown leaves. If one could blot out the huts, it would be a perfect sight. I must go down the Bath Valley again soon, I believe it is lovely now. The New Forest will be good too.

I am enclosing a few photos and you will notice that I am not fading away yet. The 50th Battalion lost 11 officers out of 14 in their last scrap. Goodman and Loutit are still going strong.



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