26 March

Posted: June 6, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1917

Have heard a rumour that a mail is leaving tomorrow so I am writing on the off chance of catching it. Affairs here have been very busy lately. I was yanked out of bed Saturday night about 12 and didn’t get back till after 3am and was going all day yesterday. Things have quietened down again though I am glad to say.

Gen Moore was out here yesterday with Gen Paton. Colonel Collier has returned again. There have been quite a lot of very interesting rumours going round in connection with my midnight work, but I was unable to give any details – very secret and urgent.

Last week, Mayman and I motored into Salisbury on bikes, saw a show there and came back. Coming home was a treat, it snowed all the way and the flakes were blowing in our eyes. In consequence we were blinded most of the time.

The German retreat seems to have steadied down now. They made a name for themselves something resembling the early days of the war.

The weather is very changeable here now. One minute sunshine, the next sleet snow and rain. We have a billiard table in the mess now, I haven’t had a game on it yet.

Yours of the 17th January arrived yesterday also two Bulletins and a Sydney Mail. This lot was held up a good while owing to enemy action. You are having very rough weather. We oscillate between snow and sunshine quite a lot, very often in the same day. Nothing doing here in tobacco. It is all light stuff, burns the tongue and am sure something is wrong with it.

The DSO is an order and ranks senior to the MC. It is practically won in the field now, although it used to be given for administrative work, and still is occasionally MC’s are for Lieutenants and Captains DSO’s for Majors and over.


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