11 March

Posted: June 6, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1917

The spirit of writing is upon me tonight. I am sitting snugly in my room in front of my fire. I have written two letters to friends at Oxford, four to London and one to Egypt. The weather, in brief, is putrid. We have had four changes in four days. One day all my water was frozen and my sponge was unbendable. I soaked the sponge in hot water at 9am and at 12 noon, it was frozen again. The next day we had three inches of snow. The atmosphere isn’t half as cold with snow as with frost. It is quite possible to move about without a coat with snow all over the place. In one drift, I sank to my knees.

I got the photos I had taken in London by Swaine last time I was up there. I bought three for one pound, 3 shillings and 6 pence and he gave me two. It is a trick they have over here. One firm goes round the camps, takes any photo and sends the sitter two photos. It catches a lot of business.

Chris is in trouble again. He was granted 7 days leave. After two, he came home with mumps. He looks a duck absolutely. All his pictures have turned black with his language.

I am just finishing one of Vachell’s last books, “The Triumph of Tim”. It is very good, you ought to get it. I am thinking very seriously of buying a motor bike. There is one going at 25 pounds in perfect condition and it is a scoop. With the summer coming on, I would be able to get about and see something of the country. As things are now, it cost about 2 pounds to go in and out of Salisbury (26 miles). I saw a beautiful little Singer Car sold today for 120 pounds. It had only done 2,000 miles and new, cost 320 pounds. There are some bargains going in motors now. Our colours have been changed to a circle. The purple is on top and the blue below.


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