Trinity Road, Wandsworth Common

Posted: May 7, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1917

13 January 1917

You see, I have been pretty lucky and managed to get up to town again. On Wednesday afternoon I was feeling pretty seedy and just plodding through work when a wire arrived ordering me to appear at Head Quarters the next day for a Medical Board. I had to fly straight away and proceed to London that night.

First of all I managed to get a couple of days leave. I arrived here about 9pm. Went into the Board next day and waited three hours. I was ordered a further three weeks “home service”. This means coming up for another board on the 1st of next month.

All Thursday afternoon, I spent in shopping at Harrod’s. It is a wonderful place. One wanders round, from gents clothing, you run into corsets and stockings then plated ware followed by ladies underclothing. It is quite interesting walking around I can assure you.

In the evening, Frank Colbey who is still in the 3rd London General Hospital came down to dinner. This afternoon is spent four feet from the fire, writing this. My cough is still pretty bad and I feel pretty run down, and have lost a lot of weight. Everyone says I am thin.

Yesterday a telegram came to say that seven days leave had been approved. This allows me to stay up here till next Thursday. Hope to improve my condition by then.


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