Sunday 17 December

Posted: May 7, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Things are moving apace here. I was put into the 13th Training Battalion as Assistant Adjutant. But I was ordered to report to Headquarters and take over the duties of Assistant Staff Captain so I will have to move again. For every brigade in France there is a battalion here which represents the various battalions. These training battalions are brigaded here and the Brigade Headquarters represent the Divisional Headquarters. This is the lot I am on.

Yesterday I started off for a ride with Chris. My nag was very fresh and leaving the camp, we had to go down hill. This animal started off at full gallop. My hat flew off and I hadn’t enough strength to hold it in; so all the troops in Codford had the fun of seeing me flying through the streets with my hair and coat tails streaming out behind.

Afterwards, we took a motor and drove into Salisbury, a matter of about fourteen miles each way. Whilst there I bought a lot of matting for my floor and some cloth for window curtains. Last night I am sure you would have been immensely amused to see me patiently hemming these darned curtains. I had twenty feet of hemming to do no joke I can assure you, especially as my needle was both bent and rusty.

Tomorrow I have to move all my gear into another room about three hundred yards away. I have my room decorated with views from that Tourist Bureau Book. They look fine. By a coincidence, the Staff Capt. I am understudying is Mayman, an old 10th man. We were sergeants together on Gallipoli.


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