Sunday 14 January

Posted: May 7, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1917

We went to Three Cheers last night. It was splendid. Any amount of music, plenty of good scenery and very funny. Lauder was splendid. His acting is very good. I didn’t think he was the actor he is. He had composed new songs to suit the play. One song he sang as a soldier home on leave was very touching and it evidently cost him something to sing it. He lost his only son about ten days ago. Fred Leslie and Ivy Shilling only danced a couple of times.

Did I tell you I ran across Tim Ringwood at Codford? He was sent to England with a lot of L.H. (Light Horse) details, and after kicking about for several months, they were transferred to infantry. He is in the 50th at present.

This morning we went for a drive in a motor to Epsom, Redgate, Box Hill, Walton on the Hill, Sutton etc. All our old haunts. As we got out a bit, all the houses, trees and ground were covered with snow. The cold was intense. I was afraid to touch my ears in case they broke off. I weighed tonight. I am exactly a stone lighter than when I was here last time.

K and I had lunch at the Piccadilly. Two courses only allowed. Officers to the extent of 3/6. Horse d ‘Oevres half course and soup without meat half course. Meat full course, Cheese no course. Under this arrangement, one gets more to eat than before. Instead of economy, it is wasteful. Afterwards we went to Harrods and spent the afternoon in the gramophone room buying records.


The 50th battalion was comprised mainly of veterans from the 10th, as well as new recruits who arrived in early 1916.

Light Horse is abbreviated to L.H. Thanks to input from readers.

  1. Dennis Mulroney says:

    Sarah, L H details would be groups of men from the Light Horse units

  2. Hamish says:

    L H is most likely Light Horse.

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