Posted: May 7, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

30 December 1916

No doubt you are wondering what was up last mail. In the far distant history I caught a cold and it grew. I continued working and so did the cold. At last on Christmas Eve I staggered home and went to bed, more blind to the world than any Christmas boozer. I stayed in bed all the next day and was sent down here to a New Zealand Hospital, the next morning.

There was a wonderful Christmas show on at our mess too. We had the floors stained and varnished, the walls painted red, and the ceiling painted white. Red Shades to the electric globes, silk curtains, carpets, and a wonderful dinner. I didn’t even envy it.

However I am kicking along fairly well. Temperature almost normal. Influenza has been the trouble.

Yesterday, a big batch of mail arrived and I scored pretty well, signet ring, fountain pen, box of cigars, I have not been able to try them yet owing to my cold.


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