Clarendon Hotel, Oxford

Posted: May 7, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

I have just arrived here for a day or so. Coming down from Edinburgh I passed through Nottingham, Leeds, Carlisle and Sheffield. In the North we passed through very pretty scenery, but as we got South it was raining and foggy.

On Saturday I received a wire from Pat Auld saying he was in London with Capt. Todd, one of our Company Commanders. We had a very pleasant evening. Sunday I took him out to dinner, and today I went before a Medical Board. Of course I was very ill, but the beggars were too cute for me. I got to go on duty on Monday for home service for a month. Then I go before another board. Home service means duty at Perham Downs on Salisbury Plains.

The last place on earth.

Our chaps have been in the Somme six times. The mud, cold and wet is awful. High boots are not any good because the water runs over the top of them. Casualties have been slight but only in our battalion. Pat has an MC as you most probably know. It is great seeing him again.

I was at dinner at Regent Palace Hotel Saturday night with six fellows. Two were in the English Army, but we were all Australians. About two tables away were Freddie Le Messurier and Charlie Drew (of RAMC) very funny meeting all these chaps. They all look very well.


MC is Military Cross
RAMC is Royal Army Medical Corps

  1. Hamish says:

    The line should read Pat has an MC as you most probably know. MC = Military Cross

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