9 January 1917

Posted: May 7, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1917

No. 4 (D) Group,
Head Quarters

I was discharged from hospital this morning. Have still a brute of a cough but the doctors say they can’t do anything at all to cure it. The only thing is a change of air. I left hospital with a recommendation for 14 days sick furlough, but it isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Sick leave is only granted on condition the person goes to a command depot (which means Perham Downs) so there you are.

The Germans treat our prisoners splendidly. Food of course is bad, but the Red Cross look after them pretty well. The medical side is splendid. I know of one fellow who put on two stone. All disabled men are transferred to Switzerland or England as soon as possible. One man I know of was taken prisoner for 48 hours and then recaptured. He had excellent treatment. Any drinks he liked etc.

The arm is still about the same. I can get on alright for most things. Can lift fair weights if I am close to them, although I can’t lift a chair if I am two feet off it. Certain movements are a little awkward still.


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