1st Command Depot, Perham Downs

Posted: May 7, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

12 December 1916

This is one of the most desolate places I have ever seen. The country is flat and bare. There are acres of huts. The ground is covered with snow, slush and ice. No one does any work, and the monotony is awful. Anyone would think this place is a thousand miles from anywhere, whereas it is only two hours run from London. The life here is horrible in contrast to the good time I have been having since I came out of hospital.

I am down here for three weeks more of home service and from what I can see of it, I will be pleased to get back to France. One chap shot himself here yesterday, so you can imagine what sort of place it is. I have met several people here I haven’t seen for a long time, one man in the mess whom I haven’t seen for over a year.

Today my chief occupation has been a walk to a place called Tidworth. It is one of the most desolate holes imaginable, and who should I run into there but Gordon Pavy. He is looking very well.


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