an audience with the King

Posted: May 4, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

I have just come back from Buckingham Palace.

I received a telegram as follows:
“Lieut. Randall Rhodes, 261 Trinity Road, Wandsworth Common- Your attendance is required at Buckingham Palace on Saturday the 25th inst. at 10.15am. Service Dress, regret that only those to be invested can be admitted to the Palace, please telegraph acknowledgement, Lord Chamberlain London”.

We went into a suite of rooms. The higher decorations went first then the MC’s. We were ushered into His Majesty’s presence one at a time and announced. The procedure was to march into the centre of the room, tum to the left and bow, advance to the King who pinned the cross on, shook hands, and congratulated us. He asked after my wound, and if I was feeling quite strong again. Then we faded away as gracefully as possible. The rooms were very fine. White and gold decoration with red carpets. Paintings, statuary, and china formed the furnishings.

Afterwards I had to go through the ordeal of being photographed by several pressmen. The cross is in a very fine purple leather case with a gold crown on the cover – it looks very fine. I am sorry you could not have been here this morning. It was very interesting. The King is just like his photographs. He certainly is small but I wouldn’t call him insignificant, as I have often heard said. Didn’t feel at all nervous, although it is far from being a pleasant sensation. There were only three Australians there.


Notes: the letter dated Tuesday 21 November describes the event of being presented the MC as ‘tomorrow’ however, this letter dated Saturday 25th and the invitation to the ceremony contradict that. We suspect a transcription error.


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