North British Hotel, Edinburgh

Posted: May 4, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

30 November

I have just returned from Glasgow by a fast train. It is only an hours run. I had a letter of introduction to Messrs. Aitken Litburn & Co., shipowners etc. They had arranged to get me over Messrs. Barclay Curle & Co’s ship building yards. It was quite a job. First, they applied to the District Commandant and then the Naval Superintendant of the Harbour to get permission.

After I made myself known to Aitken Litburn & Co., I went to Kidston’s. I had lunch with Mr W H Kidston at his club and in the afternoon, he sent his Cashier out with me in a motor to see the town. Glasgow is bigger than Edinburgh but not so interesting for sight seeing. There is a very fine Art Gallery and University, also a statue to Lord Roberts, lately erected. The River Kelvin which flows through the city is pretty too.

In the evening I went out to Mr Kidston’s place at Helensborough twenty two miles out, north of Glasgow. It is a beautiful place and wholly residential. It is on the river front and is a beautiful walk round. It is five miles from Loch Lomond. The weather was very foggy and misty, so I couldn’t see much. The hills rise right behind Helensborough. I returned to Glasgow with Mr Kidston, and came right on here and am leaving for London by the ten o’clock train. I am returning by the Midlands route instead of the East Coast, so I will see a little of the centre of England.


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