9 November

Posted: May 4, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Tuesday we went to “Flying Colours” at the Hyperdrome. It was very good. Bainsfather’s piece was about the best. Saw Little Tich, Gabrielle Ray and Dorothy Ward in it. Afterwards, we went to the Carlton. It is a very fine hotel.

Yesterday I went to see Bergers Place. The factories cover about five acres which is large for London. There is the original house and dairy which old Berger used about 160 years ago. He owned acre upon acre of ground but sold it gradually. I saw Paint in all its various stages and the same with Varnish. They have a very good plant, and everything is done on the latest lines. They make their own tins, print their own labels and advertising matter. Saw several cuts. Of the stuff labelled W &TRA. Mr C H Eves, the manager, showed me around. I met the General Manager, the Advertising Manager and several others and altogether had a good time. They have a fine lunch room for the staff run on the restaurant principle, also smoke room and billiard room. Mr Eves had just returned from Brazil and was very interesting.

Today was a great day in London. It was the Lord Mayor’s show. Everyone turned out to see it. It was a huge procession, after the style of an 8hrs procession in peace time. Now it is really a procession of samples of soldiers and sailors etc.

I went to the Bank of Adelaide to see it on an invitation from Mr Arnold. The show was very good but best of all, I met crowds of people I knew. Saw Col. Hayward and exhibited my finger, Mrs Varley and Mrs Hayward, W.A. Horn and The Hon. Sir J G Jenkins, Mr, Mrs and Miss Honeywill, Major Dick Yeatman and Capt. Kirk Godfrey old Varsity lacroseurs. Godfrey is leaving for Australia on Saturday – was gassed. I also saw one of the 10th chaps. We had lunch at the bank then Godfrey and I went to the Royal Exchange and saw the pictures, following up with the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Tonight we are doing Vanity Fair with supper at the Trocadero to follow.

I have exhausted my news so goodbye.


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