28 November

Posted: May 4, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

I left London yesterday morning by the morning train to Edinburgh. I left Kings Cross station at 10am. There I was met by Mr Moweill of Lanyon’s who brought several letters along for me which had come over by a special mail. I arrived here at 6.15pm. Not bad for a 300 mile trip, is it? I came up by the North British Railway Co. This line passes through Peterborough, Doncaster, York, Durham, Newcastle and Berwick. The three former towns are in iron and steel districts. The latter are in Coal districts. The whole trip was through flat fen country and was not over interesting.

I am stopping at the North British Hotel, which is excellent in every way. Today I spent in doing Edinburgh. Princes Street is the only street worth considering. The whole town seems to rest on a valley and two crests. I saw Holyrood Abbey and Palace, the Edinburgh Castle, Nelson Memorial and a few of the main features of the place this morning. Also an Industrial Museum. It is mostly a collection of machinery etc. by pressing a button, it is possible to see the parts in motion.

This appears to be a very windy place. The town is rather nice, although I think London has spoilt me for most towns now. I wandered all round Holyrood Palace, then in all innocence asked one of the Commissionaries what it was. Gee! did I get a hurt look. I remember one day standing in front of the Bank of England and asking a policeman which building was the Bank. It cost me a bob’s worth of whisky to revive him. People have a great habit of putting up famous statues and buildings and omitting the name plate.

I find I am going on to Glasgow tomorrow morning. Have a letter of introduction to a big ship building firm. I am hoping to go over the Clyde works. This afternoon I hired a motor and went out to see the Fourth Bridge. It is about eight miles from here, a very pretty drive. The Bridge is a wonder of construction.

I suppose you didn’t know I was supposed to be dead. Several people have welcomed me like a “stiffee returned”. Ran into one today. Greeted me like a long lost brother. This is the third occasion in which I have succumbed, started at Gallipoli in the landing.

I had tea with the Honeywills again last Saturday. With them I met a Mr Smith. I met him at the Fullers, about four years ago, and walked home with him. He had just returned from England and was telling me all about it. We recognised each other almost immediately.

I received all the books okay. Many thanks, they are fine. I am sending a miniature M.C. out in a parcel for Mollie. I am leaving the Cross proper, at the Bank of Adelaide. The Mails are worked in an absurd manner here P & O on the 30th. Orient and San Francisco on the 1st. Three mails in two days is rather hard to carry out.

Well, I am afraid my little store of news has evaporated.
Lots of love to you all,
Yours LANCE.


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