18 November

Posted: May 4, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

A few days ago, I went to Windsor. It is about twenty miles from Paddington station. There is quite a fair sized town there, the Castle and Eton College, so you see we had our work cut out to see the lot. The Castle is a big rambling place. It reminded me of Malta a little. I must say I have seen better Castles, but it is thought quite a lot of here. As our time was rather short, I hired a motor and drove round the various schools. I had a letter of introduction to one of the Masters given me by Mr Burrows, but didn’t have time to go in at all.

Since then our efforts have been confined to teas and suppers at the Trocadero. We went to Romance, played by Doris Keane at the Lyric. It was splendid and very dramatic.

It has been awfully cold the last day or so, and today we have been having sleet all the time.

Sunday night
Nothing much doing the last day or so, the weather has been so awful. K and I got so fed up with the house, and cold, that we went for a walk in the sleet and got beautifully warm. I bought a gramophone the other day, a “Decca” portable one. Have also got some very good records. A lot of the popular songs and airs, going about at present. Needless to say, it is being very much overworked just at present. I think I will take it on to France with me.


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