Wandsworth Common

Posted: May 3, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Glenshee Lodge,
Wandsworth Common
17 October

On Saturday I came up here. Mrs. Bourne has a very nice house within ten minutes train ride of Victoria Station. There is a fine big motor and last but not least a pianolo. In the evening we went to the Piccadilly Restaurant for dinner and then to the coliseum and saw “Look who’s here”. The theatre is immense and the stage as big as all the Royal. Behind the stalls are boxes, then circle stalls, then the Circle and above all, the Gallery. Boxes all over the place and everything beautifully fitted up.

London is dreadful at night. No lights at all and it is impossible to get a taxi.

Sunday we motored all over the place out in the country. Saw the Epson Racecourse and the famous Tottenham Corner. It was lovely driving. Monday I went to the Bank. Met Haddon Bowen there. He is looking well. Also heard that Stan Coffrey has joined the 10th and has been promoted to Sergeant, and has won the Military Medal. Saw Mr Moss of Lanyon’s and lunched with him. He placed a Mr Morrell at my disposal as a guide. Went to the Empire and saw a revue. Saw there officers of the 50th. had a joyous reunion. In the evening to the Adelphi. It was really good.

Received a pretty fair mail yesterday. Also parcel of socks and cigarettes and papers. I liked the papers immensely, the first for a long time. P.A.C. Chronicle also to hand I see one of Rhodes still contributes. Am going to lunch with Mr Massie of the Bank of Adelaide. Mr Wreford’s friend and a fine fellow.

Wednesday I had lunch with Mr Arthur Lanyon. I appreciated the bit of wattle very much in yours of the 5th.

Tuesday night
Just home from “The Girl from Circ’s” at the Gerrick, and afterwards supper at the Trocadero Restaurant. The restaurants here are wonderful places. Met Geoff Wells at the Bank of Adelaide. He is of the same Battery as Jack Clarke. Went to “This and That” at the Comedy with him in the afternoon. Followed by tea at the Regent Palace Hotel. There I met Reg Wilson. He is looking well.

Well is is 1.45 so I must say goodbye.


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