Thursday 5 October

Posted: May 3, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

This morning I received a batch of about eleven letters. Father’s of the 20th and 23rd August. Mother’s of the 22nd and Mollies of the 20th. Clarkes letters are always very amusing but hardly publishable. Talking of breast plates, they are used by the bombers in an attack. They stop splinters. Naylor’s wrote to me yesterday enquiring what they could do. These people are really topping. Quite top hole, you know – what!

I am glad you all looked on this graze of mine in a philosophical manner. It is really the best thing that has happened for a long time. Remember me to all the people who were asking after me. I saw Joe Sharp’s photo looming large in a group of Harris Scarfs Employees. It was in Lanyon’s Office- remember me to him. The Burrows are cousins of Jellicoes, some class! I took Edmondson to tea there again yesterday. I see Mollie is still keeping up the highway robbery, and brigandage in buttons. I am enclosing my card from General Cox and some photos.

Lots of Love to you all.
from LANCE.


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