enjoying London

Posted: May 3, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Trinity Road,
Wandsworth Common
26 October

Since I last wrote I have been to a Revue at the Vaudeville “The Bing Boys” at the Alhambra and “Her Husband’s Wife” at the New Theatre and tonight I am going to “Chu Chin Chow” at His Majesty’s played by Oscar Asche.

“The Bing Boys” was splendid. The Alhambra is a particularly fine theatre, the best in London. “Her Husband’s Wife,” was good too. I went with the Honeywills. First I had lunch with Mr Honeywill at the Junior Constitutional Club and then met Mrs Honeywill. You will remember they are the parents of Phil Robin’s wife. I also met a Mr Mair of Glenelg. The day before I lunched at the Royal Automobile Club. It is a fine place. Has excellent swimming baths, racquet courts, fencing courts etc.

Today I visited Naylors who seem in a whirl. Mr Harry Naylor is away but am lunching with him tomorrow. Had lunch today with Mr Blair and their Canadian manager. Am visiting their Glasgow place when I go north. Jack Clarke was all right on the 10th. Saw Major Jacob in town, he is over on Leave.

Conscription doesn’t seem to be favourable among a lot of our men over here. Quite a fair percentage have voted “No”. It is a great pity.

I seem to be doing nothing but eat here. Lunches, dinners and suppers. I know my way through London fairly well now, Bond Street, Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Strand, Trafalgar Square and quite familiar places.


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