23 September

Posted: April 24, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Received your letters of 28 July yesterday. You seem to have had a good time on Australia Day. I ran across one of the Haywards here yesterday. He is in the Flying Corps. I am still getting to know a lot of people here. A Mrs. Lewis called one day, she had been asked by a Mrs Ruffman of Newcastle to look me up. Mrs Lewis has a fine house and is evidently wealthy.

Received a letter from the Battalion yesterday enclosing a card something after this style.
Major General Sir H.V. Cox K.C.M.C. C.B. C.S.I. commanding 4th, Australian Division.
Congratulations Lieut. R.L. Rhodes 50th Batt. 13 Aust. Infantry Brigade who on the 12th, 13th and 14th., August 1916 displayed great bravery and coolness under heavy fire (severely wounded)
B.E.F. France
23rd August 1916
(Signed) H.V. Cox, Maj. Gen.

It is better than a Court Martial.

Have been taking a few photos lately, as the weather has been a bit decent. It has changed again though and is very wet and foggy now. Have been running round without a sling the last couple of days. The wing seems to be well on the way to recovery. Have found out a place where I can hire a light sculling skiff for the river when my arm is strong enough.

I noticed in today’s Casualty List that Art Kinnish has been killed. That makes nearly everyone of all my friends who left from Australia together. It seems as if I am going to be the next one. However fate will decide that later I suppose. I went up to London again yesterday. Went to the Australian Base and drew 50 pounds pay. That is 80 pounds I have drawn since I have been in England. In the course of my peregrinations round the city, I saw Westminister Abbey, St. Pauls, The Australian House, New Zealand and Canadian Houses. Both Churches are wonderful buildings. I didn’t have time to go in. At St. Pauls I saw them feeding the pigeons. There were hundreds of them as tame as can be. I saw the Bank of Adelaide and met several people there but didn’t see Mr Arnold though. Opened an account and paid in 60 pounds. Also met Charley Perry there. He is waiting to be sent out to France any day.

In the afternoon, I went to the Criterion Theatre and saw “a little bit of Fluff”. It is a farce and is very amusing. Had the honour of sitting alongside of my General, Sir H.V. Cox and family. Lady Cox is very nice. Had quite a long yarn to them. Mrs Moss sent me down half a dozen books today. Everyone is very kind to me here and do their best to entertain me. I was glad to see that Adelaide is supporting conscription. Would like to get among a few of the Anti’s with my Mark VI Webley. Have managed to catch a nasty cold, first one for over a year.



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