2 October

Posted: April 24, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Have received two parcels from you the last couple of days. One containing socks by the half dozen and a Printer’s Pie, and the other was more socks and a knife. I think I will post them on to the battalion. Yesterday I had an interesting day. Went to dinner at Mr Geldarts who is a professor of law at All Souls College and is a fine old chap. Mrs Geldart is very nice too. There I met a Beer. He is in the Flying Corps here. At the age of thirteen he fought for the Boers in the Boer War. This time he went through the German West African Campaign with Botha. He is a very interesting chap.

In the afternoon, I went to the Gatenby’s, the New Zealand family. The son is a “Don” at Balliol College. I know four lawyers and two Varsity lecturers here now, quite classy. I received a letter from Haddon Bowen from Captetown dated 10 August 1916 saying he will be in England. It is a good time ago but hope to meet him. That knife is a beauty, very handy too as I lost both of mine at Pozieres. I had that other one right up till then.

We changed from Summer time to Greenwich time yesterday. The only difference is that it gets dark at 6.30 instead of 7.30. In London in the tubes in some places there are as many as half a dozen different stations in three stories. To get from the bottom up, they use sliding stairways. You stand on a step and in time find yourself in the street. It is very helpful and much quicker than climbing up the stairs.


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