Oxford, 9 September

Posted: April 12, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Well things are getting along slowly. My arm is doing very well. I managed to get into a shirt today and have been out several times lately. I got the trousers of my suit and with a shirt on was tolerably dressed. By dint of much exploring, I managed to borrow an overcoat and thus dressed up and sallied forth. The first time I went to tea at Mrs Gatenby’s, my New Zealand friends. The next time I sauntered round the town. At first I found myself fairly weak, but have quite recovered my legs again. Last night I went for a punt on the river Charwell I fancy its name is. The river isn’t very wide but it is very pretty. It winds round all over the place under the trees. I had another Australian with me and we managed to ram everything on the creek. However, we passed the time all right. The colleges are very fine. There are practically no students now and the buildings are used for an O.T.C. (Officers Training Corps?).

So far none of my gear has turned up. It should do so before very long though. Yesterday, I had quite a bevy of visitors. Mr Moss from London then Lady Westland – she is very nice and am going to her place for tea. Mr and Mrs Moss have given me an open invitation to stay with them any time I like. Others also called and helped to pass away the time. I am getting a suit made here which is alright except the price – only seven guineas! An overcoat another two fifteen. Went to Mr Burrow’s to tea yesterday. They have a lovely house. He has an enormous number of curios from all over the world. Tomorrow I go to Lady Glyn’s. I am gradually getting a circle of acquaintances. When first I came here, the doctor hinted that my arm might come off. Then he talked about Australia, now the damn thing has knitted in about a month and the wound has healed. The doctor reckons I am a marvel at healing.


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