3 September

Posted: April 12, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Things are looking up a bit now. I have got into communications with Mr Blair and he has been very kind to me. Knowing that I would probably be in monetary difficulties, he sent me a fiver, which will be very useful.

Yesterday I dropped right into things. I was one of a party of three who were entertained by Lady Glyn. She called for us with a lovely motor. We toured round about thirty miles through beautiful scenery, and on perfect roads. What is known as a fourth class road here, compares favourably with our best. We were taken over the battlefields of Charles VI, and Cromwell. Also we saw the memorial to John Hampton. We passed through quite a number of little villages and saw quaint old manor houses and churches. I saw one of the Elizabethan period. It is built in the shape of an E. Afterwards, we went to her Ladyship’s house and had tea, afterwards we strolled over the lawns and stepped aboard a nice electric motor launch and did about five or six miles on the Thames.

The house and grounds were very fine and the river was perfect. It reminded me of the Torrens and the Murray in parts. It was all very peaceful. The whole countryside wears an aspect of peace from start to finish. My whole conversation is always about Australia. It is marvellous the number of people one meets who know Australia. Lady Glyn’s sister, a Mrs Fitz-Maurice (and very nice too) was married in Australia and we got on well, talking of kangaroos, goannas, wallabies and Tasmanian Devils etc.

Today, first of all, I received a visit from Mr Blair. He had come down from London with his daughter specially to see me. In the end his daughter grew shy and stayed at the hotel. He is a very decent chap. I have to look him up when I arrive in London. After him came a Mr and Mrs Burrows of Oxford. I had met Mr Burrows before. Mrs Burrows is an Australian and Mr Burrows is as near one as he can be. They are both very nice people and I have to see them when I can get out. After them, came a Mr Allen who is a solicitor and lives in Oxford – he is also an Australian. I have also to see him later. So you can see I have had quite a busy weekend, and have ensured a pretty fair future.

What I saw of Oxford as I passed through yesterday in the motor, was that it is a very pretty and very old place. The college buildings are very fine. During the Wars of Cromwell, the King made Oxford his Capital and lived there. We saw some Roman ruins too. There were traces of a camp and a road. Every now an then ruins are dug up at various places round here.

The word Australian counts for something in these parts I can tell you. We are like water, always find our level, which is another Australian. There is very little to tell you. We have very fine nurses here. We manage to fill in the time one way or another. I don’t think anyone has ever dropped dead with heart failure, caused by excitement though. Managed to get out this afternoon. I sallied forth in a cap, pair of boots, borrowed pants and overcoat. Had tea at my New Zealand friends. It was a great treat to get out. Expect I will be out all day now. Am enclosing a French Note for 50 centimes (5d), they are quite common in France.

Lots of Love,


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