17 September

Posted: April 12, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

The last few days have been rather lucky ones. I wrote and explained to Lady Glyn how it was we did not keep our engagement. She replied by inviting me out on Sunday. I have just come back. Yesterday she came here to take out three more officers when I happened to see her. As it happened, one of the three didn’t turn up and I acted as a substitute. We went for a lovely ride. I suppose we covered about 60 miles altogether. The country looked fine. We got right out on the Berkshire downs and saw the Chiltern Hills in the distance. Saw another old Roman Camp. The villages are so pretty too, everything is so neat and well laid out. After the run we had tea with Lady Glyn and then were motored home.

This afternoon a man named Moreton and I went to the same place and didn’t lose our way this time. Had a row on the river and then tea. I am getting on quite well with Lady Glyn, she is very interesting, knows everyone and has travelled extensively and knows how to talk about it. I don’t know whether I have told you of Moreton. He is an awfully nice fellow. Is a regular in the 29th Division (whom I have mentioned re Gallipoli). He was wounded in the left arm on the first day of the “Push”, July 1st. He is about my only friend now that can walk, but he is leaving here on Friday worse luck.

I can get quite a lot of movement out of my arm now. It is getting quite strong too. Mr Blair wrote to me yesterday. His son is home now with shell shock. Also Mr Hughes’ brother is here wounded.


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