13 September

Posted: April 12, 2017 by saraherhodes in 1916

Everything going well. My arm is getting stronger every day. I received your cable of the 9th yesterday. Lanyons telegraphed it on as soon as they got it. I have sent three cables in the last month and hope you get them all. My trunk turned up yesterday. It isn’t much use to me though. All the gear I want is in my valise.

Yesterday I had quite a host of experiences. I had to take a couple of fellows out to Lady Glyn’s to tea. In the letter she sent, she said take a bus to Drayton’s Lane. Well we got a bus to take us to Drayton, but no one knew of Drayton’s Lane or Lady Glyn. After wandering round for a time, we decided we were in the wrong place, and by dint of many enquiries found that there are about four Draytons and we were in Berkshire. We found that the first bus back went in about three hours time. The place was a very desolate village so we picked out the best looking house and stalked in and explained our plight. Of course we were invited to tea and spent a very happy afternoon. The house was about 500 years old and had a lovely garden. In the front were very old bushy trees all cut and trimmed in fantastic shapes. There were two very peculiar ones. One had a peacock cut out, and another a peahen. The whole was a living tree. At the bottom was a seat cut right into the tree. Of course we managed to miss our bus back so we had to get an old brougham that was used extensively for weddings. We had to drive to Abingdon in this. On arriving there, we took the train to Oxford. We saw rural England with a vengeance and in some places couldn’t understand what was said to us. The country was very pretty and we had a good days outing.


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