30th August – all is well

Posted: December 29, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

I am just dropping you a line to let you know I am alright. I was x-rayed again a couple of days ago. The arm is fractured just below the joint of the shoulder. Everything is going well with it and I get very little trouble from it, as long as I am careful how I place it. Up to the present, I have been unable to gain any information of my kit, so I am literally kept a prisoner through lack of clothes. However, i have both Cook’s and Cox & Co searching the continent for me. I am in hopes of an early raising of the embargo.

My chief occupation at present is reading and smoking. I have got into communication with Lanyon’s and the Bank of Adelaide. Lanyon’s sent me a very kind letter. They offered to cable for me, send me anything I wanted and are also sending a representative to see me.

The weather has been rather beastly the last couple of days with continual rain. The air is not of the warmest quality either. I hold rather a unique position, being an Australian. Hosts of people come in to have a look if I am civilized and can talk English- a sort of weird specimen of some under world.

I hope you can read this scrawl. It is very awkward writing, as I can’t move my right arm at all. I am fast learning to do everything with one hand now. So far I haven’t heard a word about the rest of the battalion and as they don’t appear to publish Australian casualties, I don’t see how I am going to find out. Will you run off prints from the best of my negatives depicting Australia as she is. Some of those taken at Trevilla and of the scrub, also some of Adelaide. I often felt I would like to have some, especially when talking of Australia which is practically always. It is a great relief to be able to get hold of a decent reliable paper regularly. All the papers here are bubbling with Roumania and casualty lists. Something like 5,000 names appear every day without fail.

I am in a room with an English Captain of the Warricks. He has knocked about all over the globe, and is a very decent and interesting chap. A lot of the young Subalterns are quite impossible though.


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