2nd August – in the woods

Posted: December 29, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Have just received a mail. The first for over a month. My hand is as shaky as can be. We have been playing football with an old cushion for about two hours and I am simply in a bath of perspiration. We are bivouacked in a big wood waiting our turn to go up into the line. So far I haven’t worried at all about the probable outcome of events. It is Kismet absolutely, the odds on the loser too. However, nuffsed.

It is very nice where we are. The trees are very tall of the plane variety, and everything is very quiet underneath. The temperature is about 90 but very hot all the same. The atmosphere is very humid. I can quite understand a heat wave at about 93 or over. I still have the old original glasses, and intend to keep them if I can.

Did you send any mouth organs. I received seven out of a dozen sent by someone a few days ago, also I received a parcel of chocolate, singlet and socks.

Some very big guns have just been firing. They don’t sound too far off, whereas as a matter of fact they are miles away. Of all the places I have seen in France is the Queen of all. I saw Eric Roach four days ago. He was O.K. You don’t know what this affair is like here. It is quite on a par with Verdun. It is just as well you don’t too. I can hear “bang-crump” from our big guns. I should say they were about 12” . By jove give me a word with those birds who after two years say conscription is not needed. It’s taken them some time to find out that there’s a war on. I’d startle them !!

I saw Teddy Parkes of the 16th tonight. He used to work with me at the Bank of Adelaide. He is O.K. so far. Jonah is quite alright – remember me to Mrs Jones. Saw Sharland with the 10th, fat as ever – going strong. We get some awful marches here. The roads are so hard after the sand. I have more blisters than toes I think. My birthday won’t be under fire this time, but very close to it.


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