24th General Hospital – Estaples, France

Posted: December 29, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

22nd August

Things are kicking along slowly, and my wound is gradually getting better. I was hit on the right arm just at the shoulder by a high explosive shrapnel pellet. It passed through the shoulder fracturing it, and it is now lying alongside my ribs somewhere. I have had a lovely arm, about three times its right size, but now it is gradually assuming normal shape. The doctors aren’t worrying about the bullet. The fracture is the trouble. I have been X-rayed, photographed, and examined by crowds of doctors – chief of the lot was Major General Sir John Maitland- one of the crack Surgeons of England. I am just beginning to move a little, up to date I have been kept well in bed. As soon as I can be moved, I am to be sent to England. I guess it will be a long time before I leave it then.

My wound isn’t dangerous by any means, not even serious, but I think severe would cover it. This Pozieres is a warm joint all right. I went through three days of the biggest blasting I ever want to get.

Jonah has been wounded but don’t know where he is. Murray Fowler is with me. The hospital attention, sisters, orderlies etc are very fine. The meals equal to a first class hotel, everything is just okay. I have written Lanyon’s asking them to forward my letters on to whatever hospital I happen to be in.

I expect to be in England for some time.

Lots of Love.


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