17th August – hit again!

Posted: December 29, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Well I have managed to get in the way of a piece of led again. We were in the firing line for three days of absolute hell – advancing all the time. On the 14th we pushed on and started to dig in. The Germans had two machine guns and enfiladed shell fire on to us from both sides. I was just getting my men dug in when a shrapnel ball hit me in the right arm breaking my shoulder. We got very badly cut up, and the whole place was a veritable shambles.

Nearly all our men and officers are wounded. The percentage of killed is very small. I reckon the Huns had about sixteen shots to kill me. I was buried about six times, and pieces of shell were hitting me all day and night. My steel helmet saved me time after time. The rim was broken right off with one piece. I didn’t get any sleep for four nights, and very little food and water. The shell fire is something terrific, it is a wonder we were not all killed with concussion. I expect to arrive in England in a couple of days.

Am in a very fine hospital at present. Have to go under Xrays shortly to have the bullet removed. Will write later – as in excellent health – nothing to worry over.

Yours as ever,


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