General headquarters, France

Posted: November 25, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

We are still carrying on with alternate wet and fine days. Our family has been increased by a little kitten – a tabby with a lot of white. I have two nests of young mice in my dug-out as well. One crawled out and tasted my arm yesterday. So far they are quite harmless, and rather amusing. One of the parents chewed up all my papers to make a nest a few days ago.

I had another look through the firing line preparatory to taking over, about three days ago. My word the padres are all doing fine work here. They kick about the trenches and blow in at any old time, and have a yarn with the men and officers. I am quite pals with all our padres in the brigade, practically all denominations – C of E.M. and R.C.

The R.C. is delightfully “Oirish”. Having this post has made me come in contact with them rather much. They hop in and generally borrow some of my papers and then get. There is one who is very interested in war tactics. He goes up and watches our trench mortars work, and he knows that they will be shelled for a cert. You always find him in the line when there is a bombardment. One Padre is about 60 I should say – far too old, but my word the boys love him. He is the Revd. Walden of Sydney. And one thing about it – it broadens their minds none of the Wowseristic principles at all.

I have been deepening all my trenches here. The previous occupants had let the place go to pieces. In some places there is two feet of mud – on top of a brick floor too.


The only thing of interest is another kitten. The white one had a mouse this morning, and was having great fun with it. We will be pushing off from here before long. May get mixed up in this advance. I am beginning to feel very old. I find now-a-days I have to work out on my fingers to find out how old I really am.

It is a lovely evening – birds whistling, and a dead calm over everything. Otherwise things are very boring. I got a new revolver today Webley Mark VI 1916 pattern. It is like a small trench mortar.


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