30 July, lieutenant

Posted: November 25, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

I managed to get over to see the 3rd Brigade Friday night. I saw all the boys I know who were left. There are a lot missing though. Gordon Campbell and Blackburn did very fine work I believe. They are alright, so is Colbey and Jim Davidson. They had had an awful doing. I believe we don’t know what Artillery is yet.

Yesterday we packed up and pushed off about 16 kilometres towards the line. Expect to move on again shortly. I saw a German automatic pistol and three or four different badges the other night, also several helmets; they are very fine pieces of work.

My French has progresses pretty well now, I reckon if I could keep going as I was for the past fortnight, I would soon become a fair linguist.

By the way, my second star came to light some little time ago, I am now a full blown lieutenant. I was in an old French village a day or two ago. It had one of the old fashioned market places in it, with stalls etc. in the centre, and over the top, living rooms. It is similar to the one shown in the pictures depicting the execution of Marie Antionette. In the town we are going to the statue of the Virgin Mary on the church steeple has been knocked over at right angles to the spire, by a shell.


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