27 July, news from Kinnish

Posted: November 25, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

I have just seen Kinnish, he is straight from the firing line. He has had a hell of a time – I can’t describe it any other way unless I use pure Australian. Casualties are up to the standard of what you would expect. The Australians seem to always take what they want. Kinnie looks very thin and worn, and is as grey as a bandicoot. He had only three days of it too. Some of my best pals have paid the tribute, others have escaped, and others wounded. He tells one very graphic tale. One man, the bombing officer of the 10th took his men out to clear a trench – they started at 2 am., and things were only middling then, but at day break things reached a point which we call b— hell. Our fellows got so worked up that they jumped out of the trenches and charged over the top, bombing all the while. The officer went into a dug-out full of Germans – bayoneted about six, knocked another on the head with a knobkerry and killed him; another rushed him with a trench dagger, he pushed his head back, wrenched the knife out of his hand, and cut the German’s throat from ear to ear. The blood spurted right into his face and mouth and all down his clothes. He was carried out of the trench a raving lunatic, and is recommended for a V.C.


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