16 July, beautiful country

Posted: November 25, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Still going strong. We have covered miles and miles of country since my last few words. On the 13th we marched about six miles to a town, climbed aboard a train, and climbed out again first thing in the morning of the 14th, marched about eight miles, and have at last come to rest for a time. The country is very beautiful – full of woods etc. We are considerably south of where we were, right behind the “push”. I am billeted in a fine place, everything spotlessly clean, and very nice. Today we went for a short route march. It was very pretty everywhere. You can picture the scene I expect – rolling country, babbling streams, roads like white ribbons, villages nestling in odd corners; woods dotted about, yellow corn, red poppies, and blue cornflowers, white daisies etc. etc. We are staying at Monsieur le Cures house. His aunt looks after him, and is a fine old girl. Le Cure has a fine collection of books, and is, I should say, very broadminded judging by his books.

One is struck forcibly by the great number of crucifixes there are about. They are everywhere. Every room has two or three, and in the streets there are crosses and shrines and all sorts of religious ornaments.

The beds in all these places are very fine. They seem to go in for the big old fashioned type, wire mattresses are unknown. They build them up very high by piling one mattress on another. They are very soft as well. The great trouble is that they are too soft to rest in. However, we do our best! You ought to be getting casualty lists again now. We (the Coy.) have had very few men hit. Only enough to say we have had casualties.

Well I must be off to tea. Received parcel of tobacco yesterday, but no letters to hand yet. Plenty of Papers, also photo of Mollie taken on some “Robbery Day” at Gawler Place, not bad!



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