H.M.T. “Arcadian” 6th June

Posted: July 10, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

At last we are off to seek lands and sights. Of course we are very pleased to leave this pestilential land of Egypt – the men nearly doubled when leaving Railhead. We packed up and moved off on the 4th, entrained about 11pm., and arrived in Alexandria at 9-15. We had to travel in open trucks, so you can well imagine we didn’t have too comfortable a trip, but who cared!

The “Arcadian” is a Royal Mail Packet Coy. Boat and is a fair size, although the size is set off by the huge crowd on board. Pat and I are in a cabin with a chap named Fell of the “Australian Comfort’s Fund”. It isn’t a very classy cabin but good enough after the desert and peninsular, the glittering lights and shining silver, coupled with ten course meals three times a day, is all very hard to take, also last, but not least, iced drinks and cocktails. Methinks its Heaven I’ve struck.

I had to sack my batman the other day. He absolutely deserted me on a very busy day, so I told him to either do the job or get – he got. Now I have a very fine little chap. Good looking, well spoken, and hard working – in fact, quite the ideal. The other has been rather sorry for himself I fancy. He struck one or two fatigues of a rather heavy nature, and he has been knocking around several times. I fancy he wouldn’t mind being a batman again.

We left Alexandria this morning about 0800. Have to live in lifebelts again, as a precaution against the “tin-fish”.


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