Posted: May 31, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

I am just waiting to be relieved now. Everything is packed up. We are being relieved by an English Company. I am returning to Company headquarters today and going to Railhead tomorrow, and then away at some date to be fixed. I have to hand over the trenches and everything appertaining thereto.

It is a lovely day, just a trifle too hot in the sun, but still endurable. The only thing to break the monotony to the eye is the Great Bitter lake on our left, looking towards the canal. We can see Deversoir Station and a fair amount of the lake. It is beautiful at present. The water is a beautiful blue colour, broken here and there by a steamer wandering off to Australia or India. Behind the lake is a big range of hills. I think it must be the Mokkattam Hills. The extreme point of which rests right behind Suez. There are hundreds of little lizards about here. They are a sandy grey colour about six inches long. They are tame little beggars and seems to enjoy life pretty well. We often see them tumbling each other about, and generally frisking around. Of all the fauna of this place I think the Camel is the sweetest, prettiest and daintiest – he is a pearl (I don’t think).


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