Saturday 27 May 1916

Posted: May 27, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Things are going just as per usual. I am getting things a bit ship-shape here now. I had a very fair dinner considering we are about ten miles from the canal, and about 150 miles from the source of supplies. Salmon, pickles, butter, bread, tea and tinned pears with milk. How does it get you? Of course it only comes occasionally, but still…….

A funny thing happened last night. A mouse ran along the trench just as everyone got settled, of course it came on them before they could catch it. A man would fall over himself trying to grab it, and yell to the man round the next traverse. He would just wonder what was doing when it would be under him. One fellow was lying down. He just had time to sit up when the mouse darted under his legs. He gave a yell and fell back on his neck with his legs in the air. The wee beastie managed to do the trench three times before it was finally captured.

Yours, Lance.


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