Post K 5B-56

Posted: May 26, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Yet another move. Yesterday my platoon packed up and moved off to the right about two and a half miles, and took over this post. I have it all on my own. The place is in an awful mess and will take some time to get ship-shape. So far we have had nothing definite about our long move. Suppose some day they will turn up records of a division of infantry interned in the desert.

I am having great fun with watches now-a-days. The last one I got has “turned dog” on me, and refuses to move. It makes things very awkward.

Have seen Jonah a couple of times at various intervals. He is quite well and almost as fat as ever. This desert is taking a little out of him. I have been receiving papers at various odd intervals for about the last week.

The flies are our worst pest here. I have a very nice dug out it isn’t flyproof yet, but hope to make it so tomorrow.

I suppose we will have to keep a look out for “tin fish” again. Haven’t heard of many boats being torpedoed lately.

I have quite a pretty little card of pictures taken from the backs of magazines in ads for Lux and Pear’s Soap etc. They don’t look half bad. Most of my photos are back at Serapeum in my trunk. I usually have them plastered about. I tell you I can spread myself when I start.

We are not allowed to take our cameras to France with us. Think I will send mine to Lanyon’s and ask them to keep it for me.


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