Serapeum – 2 May 1916

Posted: May 23, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Sunday Jack Clarke blew over and we caught the train out to Railhead (about six miles) and there visited part of the 9th Light Horse. They are split up in small bodies like we were in the wilderness.

Here we got a couple of nags and rode out to road-head which is about three miles further on. Here we had dinner. I met Luxmore, Nigel Wastell, Mell Farmer and Elliott Hannaford. They are all looking well, but thin and wiry. Elliott is a sergeant now and is just recovering from fluid on the knee – the result of a kick.

From here we rode along the line for about six miles to another post. We then returned to Road-head and had tea. After  tea we got two more horses and rode back to Serapeum followed buy a couple of orderlies. The Light Horse treated us very well. Altogether we rode about 22 miles and I had a very good time. The country we covered was to the right of Habeita. The trenches we dug are full of drift sand. I wasn’t very stiff after my ride considering it is nearly two years since I did any riding.

Yesterday I caught a nice job. Traffic Control Officer on the Pontoon Bridge from 1800 to 2400. Quite nice I can tell you. It was quite cold and damp with dew. I got a pleasant surprise to find about ten letters for me when I got home.

Jonah saw Coffey up at Tel-el-Kabir on Sunday. He says he is looking very well, and is trying to get a transfer into this battalion. Col. Weir has charge of the 10th now, Lorenzo has the 49th, Rose, our old Brigade Major the 51st, and Beevor and 52nd.  S.A. is well to the fore. The 3rd Brigade supplied the four C.O’s. I told you we had Doc Jeffries now. I haven’t had much to do with him yet, but believe he is a very decent chap. Prior to him w had a fine little doc – one Douglas from N.S.W., a tip top little chap.

I invested in a new watch a day or two ago, it is a neat little luminous faced wristlet affair. It is an eight day time piece. Another addition to the collection is a cigarette case, a mixture of bronze, gunmetal, and silver, worked in Egyptian figures and drawings. That parcel of tobacco and pipes arrived O.K. today, many thanks.

Well my news is finished – so goodbye, Lance.


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