Railhead – 16 May 1916

Posted: May 23, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

I am not writing because I have any news, but because the mail is closing tonight, and I wanted to let you know I am O.K. We are having awful weather now. It was 114 in one of our tents a couple of days ago. All we get is hot winds, flies and sand. To make things worse we are going into Habeita on Thursday. One thing though we have solved the problem of cool drinks. We have invested in a couple of goolahs (earthenware jars) they keep the water beautifully cool. This and a bottle of lime juice makes a perfect drink. You would be surprised at the number of friends Pat and I have (as long as the water lasts). Jonah still continues to get fat. He is a tremendous size now.

I had another experience with a camel the other day. I was loading a whole lot, and getting disgusted with the nigs, I bounced up to a camel and yanked out his head rope to make him sit down. Instead of complying like any intelligent animal he started to spit at me and chase me. In the end he had me dancing round tanks and over fantases (water tanks carried by camels) he knocked my helmet off into some black slime, and generally livened things up. We are using Indian camels wherever possible now. The Indians are much better, and the camels are almost twice as big, some of them are like big mountains.

I was on outpost again last night, and in consequence have today off. We have reveille at 0400 now, breakfast at 0430, and parade 0530-0930. Early hours but at 9 it is too hot to work.

I was playing football the other day without any boots on, managed to kick Murray Fowler on the leg. I have two of the most beautifully bruised toes you ever saw. Have a walk like a one legged kangaroo now.

One of the greatest wonders of this place is, that it is even too hot to drink beer, nobody will touch it.
I am sending some photos home by this mail.

News has come through that the 10th are in France. They are billeted there, and having a lovely time. We anticipate leaving shortly.


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