Posted: May 23, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Post  K 5 H -53,
Habieta  Sinai Peninsular

And yet again another move. We are not at the same place that we occupied before, when we were in the 10th. It is a little to the right. We moved out Tuesday morning with reveille at 0300. By this means we were able to get the march over before the heat had got too unbearable. Pat is at another post with his platoon. Here the men have tents, but we have dugouts to live in. I have a pretty fair one. It is built of sandbags, matting and hessian. It is one of the queerest concerns you ever saw. It is all wired up, and where I wanted to join the hessian I just cut a splinter of wood and used it as a pin. As usual I have just got it comfortable when I have to move. I have to build another one about fifty yards away.

Our work cuts out now that we are on duty every night. This means sleeping in clothes, boots, and equipment every night. “Stand to” comes at 03-15, and after that we work till 0830, and then we have the rest of the day between ourselves and the flies. So far we haven’t the slightest idea how long we are here for. When we marched out Tuesday a column of light horse hit the road just in front of us. I found out it was the 11th, and in one of our halts I managed to dig up Russell for a couple of minutes. He had come from Tel el Kebir the day before, and was looking as dirty as possible, although well. Dick Wilton is second in command of this company now. The machine gun officer stationed here happens to be Max Stewart of Northcote Terrace, Medindie. He has in the 3rd L.H.

It has been much cooler since we have been out here. The wind is fairly cool. The machine gun crew here happen to be all the men who were in my platoon in “A” Coy. They nearly all transferred. Rather a coincidence running into both crew and officer whom I knew. Jonah is over at Hars as A Coy,. is stationed there. Did you ever meet Bill Pasco of the 9th L.H.? He is a great pal of Jack Clarke’s. I often run across him here.

Do you remember that knife I bought before I left S.A? It succumbed to its fate yesterday. The big blade found a piece of wood just a trifle too strong for it, of course the corkscrew is still good enough. I received that last parcel of chocolate, sox, and cigarettes, all right, although the chocolate suffered from the heat to a large extent. Have managed to get a few more books together. Another of Dickens – “The Old Curiosity Shop”.

While we were at Railhead we were in a constant  state of readiness to move out at a moments notice. We were part of a composite force called the “Wadi Macksheeb Mobile Column”. We had to move out and capture a well and cut off the retreat of the Turks if they attacked. However that is finished now. It was just twelve months ago yesterday that our fellows mopped up the hordes or Turks when they attacked, almost twelve months ago today since Armistice.


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