21 May 1916

Posted: May 23, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Have just received my mail. I received seven letters all together. I will have quite a contract answering them all. You all seem to have excelled yourselves this time. At various times we have quite a fair amount of shooting. We usually start at the miniature 30 yards range. Grouping, applications and rapid. Our fellows have to get them grouped in a 3 1/2 inch ring. After that comes work at about 200 yards on moving targets, men running or men kneeling. At times we have had iron discs set up in groups, and used sections or platoons on them. The fire all being directed, and range judged – usually about 500 yards. I have done a fair bit of work instructing in front and behind the bank.

The nigs here just say hohshsh, or a noise like that, or hiss to get the camels on their knees, a tug on the rope, and a hit on the legs does almost as well.

I think I have told you that Fowler and Clark are Captains now. Fowler in command and Clark second in command of A Coy. It doesn’t much matter what tobacco you send. It is all good. Something fairly dark – a good medium is OK. Three Castles Cigarettes hold the floor I think. We get some horrible mixtures on issue here. The tobacco is like light grass, dried and tinned and the cigarettes are barely smokeable. I like your idea of a dog’s heaven. Perhaps a “dawg’s chawnce” may be worth having after all.

There is always a lot of bad feeling among Australians and Englishmen, also Australians and Canadians, I was rather about the latter too.

I have been doing a lot of barbed wire work today. The whole place is rigged up with miles of wire. It is like a rabbit proof fence. I guess the manufacturers must be making fortunes. I was in charge of a picquet the other night, and visiting one of my sentry groups I was challenged. I answered “Lieut. Rhodes” He said “Advance one and be recognised”. As I was by myself I wondered where the other man was.

The bomb throwing on the Jubilee Oval would give you an idea, but it is very different when you know the bomb is aimed at you.

Well goodbye all you people.


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