Anzac Day

Posted: April 27, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Well everything went off successfully the other night. We caught a steam launch, and travelled up to Ismailia. It was a pretty trip, only about 10 miles. Ismailia is a very pretty place from what I could see of it. The place is wholly French, and they specialize in gardens and trees. We had our dinner at the Ismailia Club. It is a very fine place, up to date in every respect. Altogether from the Brigade there were 48 of us who landed. We had a very good dinner and finished about 2.30a.m. Coming home we opened out and travelled at 18 knots per hour.

Ismailia is built on Lake Timeah. It is a pretty fair size, about 3 miles across. There are quite a number of boats there. Last night we all serenaded Beevor – headed by the C.O. too. We gave him “We are Beevor’s little lambs!” I will send you the words later.

Things are pretty brisk along here now. Engagements every day or so, and in force too. One this morning at Ismailia. We heard the firing. Can’t give you details now.

This is s copy of our menu:-

ISMAILIA CLUB —– 25th April 1916.
In commemoration of landing at Gaba Tepe on the 25th April 1916.
Soup a la landing
Fish bombed (Brighton Beach) Anafarta Sauce.
Unbullied – Fray Bentos Sauce
Roast Abdul – Allah Sauce
Fritze Taube Savoury – Armistice Ice Cream – Sarpe
Tiger’s Tooth Lone Pine – Deakins The Mighty Atom
Olive Grover Coffee
A Wee Drappie
Launch 2300

Whilst we were dining up there, our residue had a dinner down here
50th Infantry Battalion
13th Infantry Brigade

First Annual Anzac Dinner Serapeum 25th April 1916.
Soup – Adelaide (Oh to be there)
Fish a la Suez
Beer – Whisky
Bouef (Fray Bentos) Bully
Beer – Whisky – Wine
Poultry Allah Enuer Pasha
Beer – Whisky – Wine – Stout
Asparagus Fromme de Tin
Beer – Whisky – Wine – Stout – Liquers
Sweets a la “Seung Bee”
Cordial – Aerated Waters
Fruits ex Garden of Eden
Water (Members to provide their own water bottles and contents)
Cheese – Biscuits – Nuts (from Beachy) Raisins (the Dickens)
Drinks (ad infinitum) A
sprin 0500  26th April (at Dispensary)
Loyal Toast         Vice President
Overture        The Padre
Toast 3rd Brigade    President
Item            Lieut. Blake
Response        Lt.Col. Hurcombe V.D.
Solo            Lt. Bowden
Toast            Those who fell
Chorus            Ode to Alcohol
Song            Capt. J.C.Douglas
Song            Lieut. M.Gore

Stretcher Bearers will be in attendance at rear entrance of Mess at 0100 26th April.


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