Prince of Wales

Posted: April 26, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

I wonder what you people are doing now, you have some big celebration on I bet. We have had Brigade Sports this morning, and we will have Divisional this afternoon. I had a windfall yesterday of about half a dozen letters from you all, and I have to answer those dated 12th, 13th, 19th, 21st and 22nd of March, besides others.

We stand a good chance of getting Capt. Jeffries here as M.O. I hope he comes, he is a good man.
You make my mouth water with your “nice bright morning, with the dew sparkling on the grass”. Our feet get burnt with the sand here. The flies drink out of our eyes, and the glare burns your eyes up.

A lot of the Australians have gone away, some are in France, and others “rumoured” there. We will follow somewhere I expect in about a month’s time. That quotation “Boots, boots, boots etc” fits very aptly. It was so yesterday, we were out all day at that lagoon or oasis I told you of. It was a terrible day, men short of water, and not a breath of air.

I am getting an Anzac magazine posted to you. It was written by men in the Australian Army, whilst on Gallipoli – Bean is the editor. They are being sent from London. There was a picture man at the landing, but he was blown to atoms, before he had been in operation very long.

Things are getting very active between the Turks and ourselves along here. Our planes and theirs go on little bombing expeditions. Also our light horses here have brawls every now and then. We are looking out for a Turkish plane now. Dropped bombs at Kantara, travelling this way.

Some of the 16th Battalion got that bank’s parcel. This morning we had a church parade in memory of those who fell on the 25/4/15. The parson had a splendid subject, but didn’t rise to the occasion.

Afterwards I was swimming in the 120 yards for Officers. Didn’t do any good, managed to climb in third. Believe the first and second are ex State Champions of W.A. and S.A. There were fancy boats and fancy dress etc., but it was too hot and dry for my liking, so I hopped off.

I believe the Prince of Wales is going to be in attendance this afternoon. He seems to like the Australians, he is very popular here, with all our people. I am sending some photos and programmes etc. We have a piano , gramophone and violin in our mess here. We have a dinner at Ismailia tonight.


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