GOIC inspection

Posted: April 22, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Things have been progressing lately. Thursday we had an inspection by the G.O.I.C. which means General Officer Commander-in-Chief. There were Generals galore. Generals Murray, Codlee, Cox, and about four or five Brigadier Generals. The Prince of Wales was amongst those present. It was quite a circus, there were about 40 on Murray’s staff, and they were galloping all over the show, like a race-course gone mad. All we had to do was go for a routine march and look pretty.

In the afternoon we had a mounted officer’s race, and I enclose a programme. Jean was hot favourite at 6 to 4 on Beachy Bill started at 3 to 1, Calamity Jane 4 to 1, Mr Booze 20 to 1, and Hippo was scratched. Half way over the course Jean stumbled and fell turning a complete somersault, Capt. Loutit was thrown and sustained scratches and a bleeding nose. I was trainer to Calamity Jane which finished a close first, followed by Beachy Bill. It was a good race and provoked much enthusiasm throughout the brigade. After that we had battalion swimming sports to decide the men entering for the brigade affair. I won the officer’s 120 yards sprint by a couple of lengths with plenty in hand.

I represent the battalion on Tuesday morning. Permission has been given us to wear ribbons on Tuesday. A blue ribbon for those who landed on the 25th and a red for those who served on the Peninsular. I still have both. The ribbons are to be worn on the right breast. There are very few here now who can sport both. Had a ride on Calamity  the other day – tried him in the prelim. The first ride for nearly two years.

Well I must close as I am very busy.

So long, Lots of Love, Lance.


Notes: the programme


(value 4000 Milliemes)

To be run on the Course North of camp.

This afternoon


About three Furlongs. To start at 1400.

(Horse permitting)

Captain Loutits br.m. (imp) JEAN. (Out of Bounds by order)

Captain Seagers ch.g.         BEACHY BILL (ped. Out of Krupps by Turkey)

Captain Fowlers b.g.           CALAMITY JANE (Out of Bed by Reveille)

Captain hancocks bk.g.      MR BOOZE (Out of condition by No Beer)

Captain Armitages br.g      HIPPO (Out of Elephant by Tidy)


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