Good Friday

Posted: April 18, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

We are getting plenty of dust and work. Friday will be Good Friday, I don’t know whether we will get a holiday or not. The 9th Light Horse had a stunt the other day, they are camped at Rail-head, and a party went out about 60 miles under Major Scott, and came across a party of Arabs and Turks sinking wells. Our chaps killed and wounded several, captured thirty odd including an Australia Lieutenant, only two got away – being wounded. We had one corporal killed. It was quite a successful little affair.

I received that parcel of Spirit Stoves. I can see myself having Bovril early in the morning.

On the 25th there is going to be a big sports meeting here. There have been company sports and the best men compete in battalion sports, and the best men then compete in brigade events and go on the Division if any good. There are a variety of races. I am going in for the Officers event of 120 yards. There is a 440 yards, but I didn’t fancy the distance. It would be “some” thing to win the Divisional event. In the evening all the officers who landed are having a dinner at the French Club Ismalia.


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