Posted: April 16, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Received several letters dated 24 and 25 February, also parcel containing sox, tobacco, and chocolate.

We have been having awful weather here lately – dust storms day and night. One started on Wednesday night and has continued for about four days. Thursday afternoon my tent blew down, and all my property went scooting across the desert. I lost a lot of letters that were in it to be censored. Of course the place wasn’t in a mess.

Murray Fowler had received his Captaincy, and is my O.C. at present. I get on very well with him. Friday (yesterday) we went out due north from the camp, paraded to the canal, and about two miles out we came across an Oasis. The ground rose into small hills at one point. There were palm trees, bushes, reeds and a lake of brackish water. It was most peculiar, but very delightful. We camped there and had dinner. Today we have been out to some ranges, and did a little shooting.

I have a stretcher now, so far I have paid 25 pounds for my outfit. In Australia the same thing would have cost about 15 pounds.

Our correct address is “B” Coy. 50th Infantry Battalion, 13th Brigade, 4th Division, A.I.F Egypt.
So far I haven’t heard of the Christmas tin yet. It seems that there are a few people still knocking about with cold tootsies – and —- two in particular have no intention of joining apparently. I believe Frank Beaurepaire the swimmer is in charge of a Y.M.C.A. at Heliopolis.

Jack Clarke has been transferred into the Artillery. He is camped across the canal from us. I am seeing him tomorrow. I am sending some photos in which I figure. Jonah is O.K.

Some letters were damaged, as such there is a small section of text missing from this letter as indicated by —–


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