a horrible dusty hole

Posted: April 7, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Did I tell you I was in “B” Coy under Major Herbert? He was taken to the Hospital today. I am living with Pat Auld. We have a tent to ourselves, and are very comfortable. Between us we have dug up a couple of tables, a camp stool, and a deck chair. We have our books and photos laid out in joyful array, and “everything in the garden is lovely”. I have a reinforced fibre trunk, and one of the officers is buying me a stretcher in town now, altogether my gear has cost me about 20 pounds. This is a horribly dusty hole. Dust is blowing in clouds at present. It is only a habit of the place though- about every hour a whirlwind blows through the tent.

There is going to be a big flare up on the 25th I believe. A dinner for all officers who landed, to be held at the French Club Ismailia, and aquatic sports for the men here.

I received part of a mail today – received some tobacco, also a letter from the young lady whose Billy I received. Got a letter from Bill Kelly, he is quite well. How do you like our regimental paper? Rather hot eh!
Had a swim in the Canal tonight, it was very fine, but is such a long way from the camp – about two miles over soft sand is no joke after a long swim.

Received two Sunday mails today. Don’t know when we are off to Europe.

Goodbye, Lance.


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