40 mile route march

Posted: April 3, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

We have just finished a 40 mile route march. We left Tel-el-Kebir at 6 a.m. on Friday and followed the Sweet Water Canal along to Ismailia. It was a good march but fairly hot and dusty. The first day we did fifteen miles before dinner. We stopped at Marsahina. The next day we left at the same time and finished up at Moaska, just out of Ismailia. This was another spell of 15 miles. As soon as we marched in the men just dropped their gear and marched three miles for a swim. We had a lovely swim in a big lagoon just off the canal. On one side there were big sand banks, and on the other a thick forest of Palm trees, after 30 miles of marching through endless desert it was a pleasant break I can tell you.

I managed to pick up a good dinner here in one of the New Zealand camps. I dug up a chap I met at the Zeitoun School.

Next morning we set off again at the same old hour of six, for the last lap and finished up in this camp (Serapeum ) the same we were in before – for dinner, a matter of about 10 miles of very heavy plugging. Through all the march I didn’t lose a man out of my platoon. As soon as we came in a lot of us went off for a swim in the Canal – it was very good too.

This camp has changed a lot since we were here. Before it was clean, and fairly hard, but now the ground is a soft white powder.


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