Tel-el Kebir

Posted: March 27, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

The school broke up on Saturday. We had a couple of exams, the results of which we are waiting on. Up to date I have an average of over 90%.

Saturday afternoon I went through the Mahomet Ali and Sultan Hassan Mosques, also the Coronation Mosque. I think I described them all at length to you about fourteen months ago.

Saturday night I stayed at the National Hotel, and came down here by the mid-day train on Sunday. We had dinner on board in the dining car, it was very good. Here I received a parcel of chocolate, note book and sox, also letters 23/3/16.

I suppose your hot weather is about finished now, ours is just starting. All the men have been issued with Khaki drill and helmets. I have been posted to “B” Coy. No 6 Platoon. I tried to get back to “A” Coy., but couldn’t do it. Major Herbert is my O.C. Went on parade this morning and did about a five mile route march. So far in this battalion commissions have been given to Beresford, Auld, English, Hoggarth, Baynes, Jose and myself.


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