Commissions – Second Lieutentant

Posted: March 21, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Letters arrived today, I sent my batman down to Tel-el Kebir and I scored six. Lieut. Heritage is a 10th Battalion man. Private MacKenzie was in my platoon after we left Lemnos. I saw Jack Clarke for about four days, he is looking very fat and well, still a second Lieut. You can bet we had lots to talk about. He saw Jonah too. Billy Kelly is back with his regiment now. The bank’s parcel has not come to light – the letter arrived but no parcel.

The course finishes Saturday, I have got a fairly good percentage. Musketry oral 88 and 96, Written papers 93 and 80, Company Drill 92. We have several more to pass.

Today our Commissions came through. I am rated as Second Lieut. I advised you of my promotion by cable today.

I saw Denis Jones a couple of days ago, he was looking  very well and fat. Jose, Beresford, Hoggarth, and myself were promoted in the 50th, and Kinnish and Sandland in the 10th. There is a big move of troops on, but as usual we know nothing.


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