Officer’s School of Instruction, Zeitoun

Posted: March 10, 2016 by saraherhodes in 1916

Well I am settled here all right. We are kept pretty busy, going all day fairly solidly, and at night writing up notes. There are about 400 men here for the Officers School, most of them are Officers. We live in huts, 3 or 4 to a hut, and have batmen to look after us. We mess at the rate of 12 Piastres a day, so you see we live pretty well. I am with Bill Christopher, and a couple of other fine chaps. We have reveille at 5.35, morning tea 6a.m., parade 6.15 – 8.30, breakfast 8.30, parade 10.15 – 12.30, Lunch 12.30, parade 2.15 – 4.30, tea 4.30, dinner 7p.m. Good enough eh!

The N.C.O’s. taking the course are treated exactly as officers. We have our first Musketry exam this afternoon. I got 88 out of 100, should have done better but messed up several very simple questions. It takes 75% to pass. The course is for three weeks.

I have just about completed my kit now, all I want is a trunk. Am afraid leather is out of the question – too dear – only about 12 pounds, here – the size I want. I fancy a sort of fibre with wood and brass slats at about 4 pounds. It is strong enough to jump on with both heels, so ought to do. Have to shell out 4 pounds for a suit tomorrow, have already paid 2 pounds for one. A valise was another article 4 pounds. This is a waterproof sleeping bag and kit combined.

I can’t spare much time to this letter I am awfully busy. Two thirds of the officers here are from English Regiments. I believe there is a big move of troops on now, and a rumour says the mails will be held up for six weeks – hope it isn’t true.


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